Conference Objectives

  1. To establish the level of parental empowerment and engagement of parents for children with disabilities
  2. To explore policies and practices promoting parental empowerment and engagement.
  3. To create awareness on collaboration and partnerships between parents, community and other stakeholders in nurturing potentials of children with disabilities.
  4. To share ideas and experiences in nurturing potentials of children with disabilities

Conference Sub-themes

Sub-theme 1: Family Engagement

  • Sensitization and Awareness on disabilities
  • Equity in Family Engagement
  • Role of family members
  • Disability etiquette 
  • Health, safety and psychological well-being

Sub-theme 2: Parents role in assessment and interventions for learners with disabilities

  • Assessment of learners with disabilities
  • Parents involvement in Inclusion
  • Individualized Education Programme (IEP) Implementation
  • Financing Education

Sub-theme 3: Parental engagement in planning for transition of learners with disabilities

  • Levels of transition 
  • Multisectoral engagement in transition 
  • Universal design for transition 

Sub-theme 4:  Support for parents and Caregivers of learners with Disabilities

  • Psycho-social support
  • Support systems 
  • Financial empowerment 
  • Parents with disabilities
  • Career and family development

Sub-theme 5: Awareness and advocacy on rights of learners with disabilities

  • Parents as advocates
  • Sensitization and awareness
  • Child abuse and child protection

Sub-theme 6: Community Involvement in Inclusion of learners with Disabilities

  • Culture and disability
  • Community empowerment and involvement

Sub-theme 7: Parenting Children with special needs and disabilities: Experiences and challenges